What I did with my Free Day!

The weekend started well. I settled down (alone) to enjoy the ‘Wedding of the Year’ in full HD glory. I’m not a royalist, but I love a good wedding – and I wasn’t disappointed. I opted for the ITV coverage as it’s aimed at people with a lower attention span than the BBC. Plus it had the silver fox, Phillip Schofield presenting as he’d not been on TV for almost 24 hours and needed the exposure.

Turns out those sneaky peeps at ITV were beaming out idiot-waves; as Bill and Harry left Clarence House looking immaculate in their war outfits I actually came over all emotional. The crowds screamed and cheered and everyone (including Groom) looked deliriously happy.

I have no fashion sense so the fact that I thought the dress was perfect won’t excite Kate when she reads this. Personally, I’d have chosen an ugly fat friend as my bridesmaid (come on, we all have one. And if you can’t think of one, it’s you – as Jo Caulfield once said-ish).

I did my on-line Tesco’s shopping during the ‘boring bit’ and finished with my own wedding buffet – sausage rolls, chicken nibbles and mini eggs. Very Royal.

Then it was off to the pub to raise a glass to the happy couple and buy a raffle ticket in aid of a random charity. I won a high quality priceless commemorative plate.

While sipping my first wine of the day (before 6pm, I’ll have you know!), my eye was drawn to a horse brass lovingly stapled onto the bar post. I paused a moment to remember that day almost thirty years ago and reflect on the irony.

It was a lovely day in the end, oh and I must mention Jon Press who I met in the pub. He was staying in the village for a couple of days during his walk from Lands End to John O’Groats raising money for Action for Children and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. I think he was a bit bemused, do you think he looks bemused?

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