My First Week On Google+

Getting an invite to Google+ was like being invited to the coolest party ever. I couldn’t wait to get my account set up, stick a random picture on and then…. and then…. not much happened.

Then I realised, you have to ‘put people in your circles’, like ‘friending’ on Facebook or ‘following’ on Twitter. Otherwise, you’re just staring at a blank page with a really great picture of you own face.

Google+ suggested I follow Christina Trapolino; she seemed to know quite a bit about how to use this new social experience and had some great tips. I even joined in a couple of the discussions, but then people started to talk about Evernote and Meta something so I quietly left the conversation.

People were also talking about how the whole Google+ experience will be enhanced by posting great content and sharing interesting links. What are you an expert at which you could share with the rest of the Googleverse, they asked?

There’s the thing. If I have to make a list of things I’m an expert in it would include; procrastination, changing my energy supplier and making just about anything my husband’s fault. I have no great content, nothing to inspire people with. Should I get my coat and leave Google+, returning to the warm relative anonymity of Twitter?

No, I won’t be driven off by people more intelligent than me, I didn’t let it happen at school and it’s not gonna happen on the Interweb. In an effort to drag the conversations down to my level, I start randomly adding people and dragging them all kicking and screaming into my ‘following’ circle.

Then it got interesting. Jo Caulfield posted up a picture of a dog in a waistcoat, I found @vivmondo (Richard H.on Google+) and someone called Simon Hill posted ‘Googley Oogley Woogley’ – maybe it was worth staying after all?

@vivmondo, aka Richard. H
Worth a follow on either platform

The trouble is, I don’t know how I want to use G+ (yes, that’s what we experts call it). I know where I am with Facebook and Twitter.
Facebook is where I follow my friends, post photos of my dogs and tell people ‘I’m going to the pub’.
Twitter is where I say what I think, discuss The Apprentice whilst trying to watch it at the same time and get to read posts by some genuinely funny people. I don’t know anyone in my every day life who’s on Twitter and that suits me just fine.

And Google+ has too many decisions to make; what circle do I put you in? Do I post publicly or to my circles? Post to all my circles, a select few or an individual? If I put something I find funny on Twitter do I duplicate it on G+ and annoy anyone who follows me on both platforms? Arrgggh!

I will stay, for now, but Twitter is still my favourite site. If I say something stupid, it will quickly be lost in the streams and streams of posts – if someone bothers to search back 2 days to see it, that’s their own fault. It outdoes Facebook because my friends don’t post much and, when they do, it’s usually pictures of their children which isn’t funny (well, not always).

What’s your experience or expectation of Google+?

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  1. Replyaelfwyne

    Google+ is where you can put deeper discussions like the one you just shared. It is also a place where discovering NEW contacts is much more encouraged than on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, someone you don't know adds you, you deny their request. On Twitter, if they add you, fine, but you'll probably never be able to get to know them in 140 characters or less.

    So... in short...
    1. Facebook is your home and your aunt's house.
    2. Twitter is your bulletin board, where you post when you're going to the pub.
    3. Google+ is that pub.

  2. ReplyLittle Muvva

    aelfwyne - perfect! I like it!

  3. ReplyChristina Trapolino

    You sell yourself short in this post. You are obviously very intelligent and have interests that a lot of people will relate to. There is no reason to think that you have nothing to say! This blog is proof enough. :)

  4. ReplyLittle Muvva

    Christina, thank you for your kind words!

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