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Hair Raising!

So, Wayne Rooney has had a hair transplant. What is that exactly? I knew someone once who had one and he looked like a tiny tears doll, without the ‘real tears’ and magic bottle. Well, after doing my usual extensive research I find things have moved on in the last 20 years.
Where does the transplanted hair come from I wondered? Apparently they take a strip of skin containing hair follicles from other (hairy) parts of your body which aren’t prone to baldness. (I’m thinking back, sack and crack then. Oh, and armpits). Will Rooney have a glossy head of suspiciously tight curls?
Are there ‘hair donors’? Is there some mortified Chelsea supporter crying into his can of Fosters because he knows there’s a Manchester United player out there who will soon be sporting a luscious mane of his back hair?
I am thinking of volunteering to donate. Not only do I have way too much hair for my size of head (greedy), I’m figuring if I have enough strips taken out of the back of my head, once all sewn back together it’s got to have the effect of pulling my face tighter, hasn’t it? Free face lift? I think so!
No disrespect to Mr Rooney, although I think baldness is the least of his worries in the sex god stakes, I think it’s great that there’s a real solution for (rich) people who are lacking in follicle activity. Perhaps women suffering from alopecia would be allowed treatment on the national health (am I being naive?). If I were balding, I’d definitely go for it – if I had the money and wasn’t terrified of pain in any form.
Good luck Wayne, I hope it means you can concentrate on your football now and have fun experimenting with the ghd’s!