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Waddle I Do Now?

So, I have a ‘waddle’, also known as ‘chicken neck’.

I’ve suspected this for some months now but my family have convinced me it’s all in my mind.

However, whilst plucking a stray whisker from my chin yesterday (yes, I have those too – great!), the waddle was there for all to see.

I’m not sure if the term ‘waddle’ was created by the writers of Ally McBeal, but that’s where I first heard of it. I can only hope that Jeff has the same obsession as Richard Fish, from aforementioned show, and will love my new found appendage.

Surgery isn’t an option – I’ll have to try and be creative with some Sellotape, or maybe spend the rest of my life with a permanent, very tight pony tail.

What’s gonna drop next? eek!