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Either Dukan or Dukan’t

I have jumped, nay leapt, on the Dukan bandwagon. This means that I have spent the last week eating pretty much nothing but meat and 0% fat dairy products.

What is ‘Dukan’? I hear you say. Well, it’s a high protein, low carb diet from France which promises quick weight loss which is sustainable.

I’m not writing a guide to Dukan, nor am I going to bore you over the coming days with reports on what I’m eating and how many pounds I’ve lost (three, so far, by the way). Click the link if you’re keen to know more!

What I have discovered is:

  • It’s bloody expensive (well, it’s from France).
  • I can last more than nine hours without alcohol.
  • Seafood sticks are now my main source of food (see first point).
  • Loads of people write blogs about what they’re eating on the Dukan Diet.
  • I will be able to sustain my weight afterwards because there will come a point where I can’t afford to buy food.
  • I’m boring when I don’t drink (see second point)
It doesn’t help that the phrase ‘Dukan Diet’ reminds me of the phrase ‘Dunkin’ Doughnuts’.
I will continue with the diet because a) it seems to be working b) I have massive amounts of willpower and like to demonstrate this to Jeff at every opportunity.
Wish me luck!

meat photo: Suat Eman, doughnut photo: Grant Cochrane