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Eau de Free

I have purchased one of those air fresheners which automatically spray the scent of happiness, wonderment and calm into your room. It claims not only to deodorise regularly, but will actually spray if it detects odours in the room due to its special sensor.
Anyway, it was half price so I bought it.
The Tesco’s delivery arrived and I rushed straight to the bag which had been thoughtfully packed to combine the air freshener, washing liquid, carrots, onions and hot dog rolls.
I ripped open the pack and was delighted to find that ‘batteries were included’! This meant my home could be odour free within minutes!
Ignoring the instructions, I assembled the wonder item and pushed the controller to maximum. It even had a flashing light! After fifteen seconds it sprayed the aroma of a winters evening into my face (should have read the instructions) and I had to agree it was as if Christmas had already arrived.
I was slightly concerned that the combination of Gypsy (the still-not-housetrained-puppy) and Jeff (homo gasiosos) would surely mean it would be on constant spray twenty four hours a day.
I needn’t have worried; it hasn’t been spraying continuously despite the myriad of odours which currently fill my sitting room rendering it off-limits to visitors.
In fact, I am beginning to doubt its ‘automatic odour detector’. So much so that I actually made Jeff fart right at the sensor last night and nothing happened. Not so much as a teeny spray. It didn’t even look away in disgust.