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You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

I went to buy sunglasses last week as the dog had trashed my old ones. Every woman at risk of crows-feet will tell you they’re a wardrobe essential.

I stood hopelessly in Boots with absolutely no clue what suits me, terrified that the ones I’d buy would make me look like a bad Roy Orbison impersonator.

Meg rang to say she’d finished college and could meet me for lunch so I ordered her to hotfoot it over to the Chemists to give me style advice. It was then I noticed the sign on the display which told me that if I had a voucher I could get them for half the price. This put me in a dilemma. I desperately needed to buy sunnies before the constant squinting due to the unexpected good weather caused the onset of deep wrinkles. However, with said voucher, I could spend the summer looking like a girl (shut up) who can afford designer wear and, being a Boots whore, it’s absolutely certain that I’ll have one by the end of the month.
In desperation, I scoured the floor in the hope that someone without the need for UV protection had discarded their coupon. I even considered hanging around the tills for half an hour badgering customers to find out if they were going to use their voucher, like some kind of pharmacy vagrant.

By the time Meg turned up, I’d decided to leave the purchase to later in the month, instead I bought an umbrella and a purse.
It hasn’t rained since.
My purse and umbrella from Accessorize