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The Monster In My Daughter’s Room

It’s all been very tense in the Smith household this week as Meg has been taking her photography A Level exam. We never experienced the ‘terrible twos’ or ‘stroppy teenager’ phases as she grew up and she seemed to breeze through her GCSE’s two years ago without a murmur. But we now seem to be in the middle of ‘Evil Stressed A Level Student’.

 Like all students, she leaves everything to the last minute and ensures we feel fully included in the panic and anguish as she searches desperately for lost memory sticks, lens caps and artist research. Invariably I will find one of the offending articles beneath a plate of furry toast crusts later that day as I’m doing the weekly purge of science projects which were once breakfast in her room. (Jeff is afraid of her room; it’s full of women’s things he doesn’t want to admit she’s old enough to possess amid unrecognisable health and safety risks). 
She spent Monday night on the PC in the corner of the sitting room editing her work, regularly advising anyone who was listening that the printer was ‘a piece of shit’ and convinced it was trying to ruin her life. I, meanwhile, decided to overlook her use of language for the next few days and sat calmly at my laptop ordering the third set of printer ink in a month.
Today was the last day of the three day exam and the mood has lifted immeasurably. When I got back from work today, she was sound asleep in bed with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows blasting from her TV. 

All is back to normal.

Oh heck, English Lit at the end of the month, best stock up on Ben and Jerry’s!

(Photo Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot