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One Night Only

It’s just a little village pub, but on Friday night for one night only I was a singing legend. Karaoke – either you love it or hate it. Jeff hates it, but somehow always ends up belting out ‘Mustang Sally’ come 11.30. It’s not that I’m even that good – I just sing in tune, which makes me X Factor material in my village. By the end of the night, we’re all in a sweaty huddle straining to get near to the mike for one last rendition of ‘Angels’ or ‘Living on a Prayer’. It’s kind of a modern day ‘sing song around the piano’ which has been a firm favourite of pub regulars for many years, assisted by too much cloudy cider and cheap wine.

But it’s the crap singers who make Karaoke fun, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s nice to discover that ‘corner shop Jan’ does a mean Tina Turner in her spare time but to see ‘baldy John’, eyes slightly glazed, clearly hearing something completely different to the rest of the room as he murders ‘Norwegian Wood’ (again!) is priceless.

I could only manage two glasses of wine in the four hour period (due to my abstinence over the last 2 weeks) but it was simple, silly fun! A good end to a great week off!

The End of Abstinence

Well I finished a detox today and I never thought this day would come! 12 days of abstinence and I feel absolutely no better (apart from I can’t be an alcoholic because I’m not shaking so – good times!). Lost three pounds and my melon looks like an extra from aliens.
So, as I chew pointlessly on a dry rice cake and suck up the last of the freshly prepared orange juice (because I’m too scared to put anything in my mouth which wasn’t once part of a tree or firmly rooted to the ground for fear of reprisals from my digestive system), I wonder – do other forty-something women try these crazy things? Just to prove they can stick to something at least? I may not remove my make-up every night and, hell, sometimes I don’t brush my teeth before bed; but I can spend 12 days forcing down shedloads of vitamins I’ve never heard of and longing for a cup of coffee and glass of wine. In short, I’ve achieved something. Or at least I feel I have so that makes me feel good.

I’m looking forward to going out tonight, no doubt everyone will tell me how my skin is glowing, that I look radiant and ask what my secret is.

Bring on the pub house wine and the karaoke!