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I Think About George Michael Every Day

estee lauder

I do.

I wasn’t a super fan. I have many of his songs on my Amazon Music playlist and I think he was an amazing artist but I never saw him live.

Yet every morning at around 6.20 a.m. I think of him. Every day.


Because I once saw a documentary. I think it might have been about Geri Halliwell. I’ve always admired her for her unconditional drive which made an average singer/dancer very famous. I feel the same about Madonna and Evita. Women with absolutely no talent who have made a success of their careers through sheer determination (and hard work probably/possibly?). I think these three women’s passions were to be famous in spite of what they had to do and who they had to trample over on their way up. This fascinates me as I’m a firm supporter of the idea that you can get wherever you want to go in life but there are always sacrifices to be made. And trampling over people is not a sacrifice I’m prepared to make, which is probably why I’m not rich. Or famous.

As a comedian, I encounter the odd ‘trampler’ but most of us are just trying to find our way in a difficult but wonderful business, trying to ignore who’s getting what gig; why they’re getting it and we’re not. That is a perilous road to travel along so we try to focus on our own progression and take responsibility for our own journey rather than worry about anyone else. Yet it’s always difficult not to compare yourself with others, isn’t it?

But I digress.

Why do I think about George Michael every day?

On said documentary, they were interviewing George while he was having his make-up done by one of those there professionals you get access to if you can sing like you mean it. She was painstakingly blending his foundation into his hairline so you couldn’t see the join and I thought, I should probably do that. I must look like I’m wearing a mask. So I do. Every morning. And when I do I think of George.

It’s not weird.

June is a busy month for me. I’m off to Wales, hosting the Heart of Devon music festival again because it was fabulous fun last year and appearing at Oceanfest along with my Comedy Avenger buddies. Checkout my gig list for details!