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In Sickness and In Health


I rarely take a day off of work due to sickness, I can’t bear the thought of all the emails mounting up ready for my return like some kind of corporate punishment for being physically fallible. Similarly, I have never pulled out of a gig due to sickness. (Actually I’ve never pulled out of a gig at all, I’m far too needy and desperate for attention and stage time).

I’ve found, so far, that the adrenaline seems to keep me going for long enough to perform my set and sometimes a good gig can make you feel better when you’re the worse for wear.

However, my day job is quite a responsible one where I’m expected to think and that and look after million pound decisions so, if I’m not 100%, mistakes can be made.

Which leads to my problem. If I’m sick today and I have a gig tonight, you can bet your arse I’ll be dragging myself down to the basement of a backstreet pub to entertain an audience of single figure numbers.¬†You can also bet your arse that someone will tag me on Facebook at said gig. It doesn’t matter how good my privacy is on Facebook; I live in Devon, meaning that¬†eventually and inevitably someone at my place of work will see it [insert joke about inbreeding, they love that in Devon].

So, no matter how sick I feel, I have to also drag my arse into work and perform without the aid of adrenaline or alcohol (which is, unreasonably in my opinion, frowned upon in the office).

Good job I keep myself in tip-top shape with all the exercising and healthy eating and stuff…