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Farewell February

February is the ‘coalition government month’ of the year; it achieves nothing, no-one wants it and it goes on for far too long.

Ok, February tries to make itself more interesting with its Valentines and Pancake days but neither of those do anything to dispel the depressing greyness of each crawling twenty four hour period.

The problem is that by the time February arrives I’ve had enough of winter, with its dark nights and mornings, and most of my winter clothes are either rubbish or my husband’s jumpers so I look like an extra fromFargo.

I have wondered before whether I, like so many people, suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and found some information on the MIND website which explains that ‘the cycle of light and dark determines our sleeping and waking patterns. Until the widespread use of electric light, people used to wake and get up with the dawnlight and sleep when it became dark. In winter, people would sleep longer and be less active’.

Damn you electric light! Perhaps, I need to go back to those more primitive times and obey my natural body-clock, I’m sure the office will understand if I roll in at ten. The problem with this approach, though, is that it doesn’t work out so well for me in the summer months.

Anyway, MIND lists the symptoms a sufferer of SAD may present with and it appears that ‘you want to punch February in the F’ isn’t one of them so I have to surmise that I don’t technically have a mental illness. I simply have to accept that February is just there to be hated and this year it’s clinging on like grim death with its extra leapy day.

So, I welcome March with open arms and the anticipation of warmer, lighter days. I look forward to the orgasm of daffodils, sprightly lambs and Britain’s Got Talent which will climax in a ‘clocks going forward’ frenzy in around four weeks time.

Farewell February. You make everybody sick.

It’s Just My Opinion….. Ok?

Today I realised I’m afraid to have an opinion. (Well, my husband would probably disagree with that  as we’ve had the odd evening of silence after a heated discussion). What I really mean is I’m afraid to have a public opinion. (If anyone reading this follows me on Twitter they may also take issue with this statement but I’m generally following/followed by like minded people).
Don’t get me wrong, I have tweeted many an anti-Bieber tweet and regularly ridicule both panel and audience members of Question Time live on a Thursday night. But I wouldn’t directly send a hate tweet to @justinbieber and I don’t understand why people follow a celebrity simply to send them offensive messages.
I’ll also happily partake in many a debate in the local hostelry when the mood takes me. However, this isn’t the sort of opinion I’m talking about; I’m referring more to opinions on news websites or perhaps another blog where they’re there for everyone to see. People I don’t know. For. Ever.
The fear is twofold. The first is that I don’t want to appear stupid. What if I don’t know enough about the subject? What if I’m ridiculed by other commentators? What if it people don’t like me because of what I say?  The second is that I don’t like upsetting people, I like everyone to be happy. I feel sorry for the boxer who is losing the fight; I felt sorry for nasty Nick when his heinous crime of writing was exposed in Big Brother; I feel sorry for cats with no fur. Usually these are people or things I don’t like but I don’t want to offend them.
But this can’t be healthy, can it? My opinion, however misinformed it may be, is as valid as the next persons.
So I’ve decided I need some self-imposed therapy. Every day I will find a news story or article of interest and make a comment for all to see and, if necessary, deride. I’ve started already. Today I commented on an article about a comedian who is experiencing a rise in popularity but whom I don’t find funny in the slightest. I made this clear in my brief comment but finished with something like ‘some people like his stuff so good luck to him. Who am I to judge?’
Yes, I know, needs work….