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No one Gives A Fuck

Sometimes people don’t write anything in their blog for a while, maybe a year. Then when they come back to their blog, they feel they have to do a post where they say “sorry, I haven’t been writing in my blog for maybe a year. I’m really going to try to be better at telling you about my meaningful life from now on. Really. I’m sticking with it this time”

No one cares.

No one missed you.

No one is going to chance across your sudden online reappearance and text their friends “Hey, Tarquin! Have you seen?!!! Jane Blah Blah Blah has started writing her blog again! I know, it’s awesome isn’t it?!! What? Yes, of course come round. I’m making Houmous right now – bring prosecco. And tell Jonty to bring his anti chafe cream!”

I’m blogging again.

No one gives a fuck.