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Jeff doesn’t understand what he calls my ‘obsession with the internet’, he rarely uses the computer and can’t comprehend why I don’t just pick up the phone. I do – I have an IPhone4 which I use for social networking from the comfort of my sofa; it’s doing wonders for my eyesight. I do everything on-line; food shopping, banking, tax my car, Christmas shopping – I’d be lost without my broadband!

So, in a bid to move into the 21st Century, I set up a Facebook account a couple of years ago so I could share photos of our wedding with friends and, since then, have found it a great way to keep in touch with my family who live 250 miles away in Essex.

Then, last year, I thought “What’s this Twitter all about?” and tentatively set up an account. I was a slow starter, a shy tweet here and there, a couple of ‘re-tweets’ to enter competitions, logging-in about once a week. Now, I check in every day and am approaching my first thousand tweets. I spend Sunday night discussing costumes on Dancing On Ice with a group of people I’ve never met and am never likely to. I’m worst on Saturday nights after a couple of glasses of wine when Jeff has dozed off . At this point I’m at my most witty –  in my drunken opinion that is! I spent last Saturday doing a ‘live commentary’ of The Evil Dead for the benefit of my followers, most of whom were either asleep, didn’t care or were the ones who ‘unfollowed’ me the next day.

It’s creeping into my work life too, I feel the urge to end each e-mail with #toobusytocallyouback or #yourbudgetisoverspent etc.

Generally it’s all harmless fun, isn’t it? It’s interesting to see what the famous (and not so famous) people are doing, I can get updates on recent news stories and follow my sister’s progress as she trains for the London Marathon. And I like the relative anonymity of it. None of my friends are on Twitter so I can let rip without fear of upsetting one of them or embarrassing myself (in front of people who know me, anyway).

Today I ended a text to Meg with #christmasmemories – she replied ‘Did you just tweet text me? NEW LOW. :P’

Image: renjith krishnan 

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