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The End of Abstinence

Well I finished a detox today and I never thought this day would come! 12 days of abstinence and I feel absolutely no better (apart from I can’t be an alcoholic because I’m not shaking so – good times!). Lost three pounds and my melon looks like an extra from aliens.
So, as I chew pointlessly on a dry rice cake and suck up the last of the freshly prepared orange juice (because I’m too scared to put anything in my mouth which wasn’t once part of a tree or firmly rooted to the ground for fear of reprisals from my digestive system), I wonder – do other forty-something women try these crazy things? Just to prove they can stick to something at least? I may not remove my make-up every night and, hell, sometimes I don’t brush my teeth before bed; but I can spend 12 days forcing down shedloads of vitamins I’ve never heard of and longing for a cup of coffee and glass of wine. In short, I’ve achieved something. Or at least I feel I have so that makes me feel good.

I’m looking forward to going out tonight, no doubt everyone will tell me how my skin is glowing, that I look radiant and ask what my secret is.

Bring on the pub house wine and the karaoke!