A Funny Thing Happened Today……..

I’ve been struggling with writing. This is nothing new, I always struggle with writing. The main reason is that it’s hard work and I’m lazy.

So, in an attempt to kick start a writing habit, I’ve decided to attempt a ‘365’.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s where you decide to do something every day for a year. It’s usually reserved for creative types: my daughter is a photography student and set herself a goal to take a self portrait every day; my cousin is an art teacher and her 365 was a new drawing (mostly of her dogs – although that may have been the point).

The trouble with this task I’ve set myself is that I know at the start it’s doomed to failure. I can’t imagine I will get my arse in gear and tenaciously do it every day. I have all good intentions with these things but am easily bored (and, as I’ve already said, Iazy).

Anyway, my ‘365’ is to write every day for the next year about something funny which I experience every day. To be clear, this just has to be funny to me not necessarily to you so don’t rush to bookmark this blog in the hope of a daily dose of hilarity.

The reasons for my choice of subject are threefold. Firstly, it forces me to write every day and I’ve read that the more I write, the better I will get (you can be the judge of that). Secondly, it forces me to find something positive about each day – although that does introduce a risk that I’ll end up like some kind of middle aged Pollyanna; flouncing around the internet screaming about how glad I am before throwing up half a bottle of gin in an empty Ben & Jerry’s container. (That won’t happen, of course. I don’t drink gin. It’ll either be wine or Jack Daniel’s).

But I digress.

Thirdly, something might actually happen that is so funny I’ll use it in a future set. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday……..

This all seems like a great idea but I’m mindful of the fact that I’ve been off work today after a weekend and feeling all happy and creative and positive and that. Will I feel the same way tomorrow when I get back from work? Not fucking likely.

So, onto the task itself. What happened today which amused me?

As part of my research I watched the introduction to hit 70’s children’s program ‘The Banana Splits’. We all know that one of them was a dog and one was an elephant but what were the other two? I know. I looked it up. Bet you don’t know.

Fans of Lee Evans might also be amused to know that the head came off the mallet when my husband was bashing in stakes for the new fence and nearly broke his leg.

But, like I said, it’s about what amuses me.

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