A Funny Thing Happened Today – Day 3…..

As expected, I’ve got a bit behind with my ‘365’. Initially, this was due to having gigs last Wednesday and Thursday so I wasn’t home until around 12 am both nights – not really a time I feel like writing a blog.

Of course, once I was two days behind, it started to feel like a bigger job to catch up so now I’ve gone a week without a post.

However, my daughter (365 expert) tells me that it’s legitimate to catch up; otherwise I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. What matters, apparently, is that I keep to the spirit of 365 pieces of work (I use the term loosely) by this time next year.

So day three was Wednesday last week.

You would think that, since I was at a comedy gig, there must have been hundreds of funny things that happened. Not necessarily so.

The gig was in Bristol (in a lovely cafe bar called The Lazy Dog), and I’d made the two hour drive straight from work to do five minutes of my set. It wasn’t in the main drag of Bristol so I had relied on Google Maps to get me there – and by the time I did my phone had run out of charge. So, I arrived tired and panicking that I wouldn’t find anywhere to charge my phone so I could get the hell out of there after the gig!

The gig itself was a friendly, intimate affair to begin with and I had a nice early slot which meant I could leave before it got too dark (I’m not good on the M5 in the dark).

I’d say the thing that came closest to amusing me last Wednesday was a man who was sat in the garden of the Lazy Dog, drinking red wine and talking constantly on his phone. I was there for two hours and, every time I went out for a ciggie, he was still talking and topping up his red wine. He seemed to be randomly calling people from his contact list so that he didn’t look like a sad, lonely man drinking wine alone in a trendy cafe bar.

I was very impressed by his battery life.


The Lazy Dog, Bristol

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