Daily archives "February 28, 2011"

All Grown Up

I’ve been feeling really down the last week. At first I thought it was because I’d gone back to work after a blissful nine days at home doing whatver the heck I wanted. Then today I realised it may be because Meg is about to reach 18, adulthood, none of my business any more.

Does it make me feel old? Not really, I still think I’m around twenty (until I pick up an item of clothing in New Look and Meg throws me a glance which definitely means ‘NO!’).

Really, it’s because she’s my best friend. Now she may well shudder at the thought (along with you, dear reader), and I have plenty of women nearer my age I can call ‘friend’, but she’s the only person I’m one hundred percent myself with. I find her hilarious – and there are few people I know who can really make me laugh out loud. She’s my personal shopper (kept me away from jeggins for which I’m eternally grateful), my confidante, my ‘bitching buddy’ for shows such as BNTM, ANTM, The Oscars etc.., and the only person who can do the soup song from The Mighty Boosh with me.

Now she’s spending more time out with her friends, which of course is perfectly right and correct, but I miss her already. I guess now is about the time I need to let go a little more and focus on myself in preparation for my Meg-less life ahead. I’ve almost got her to 18 with no major incidents, now it’s up to her to take that into the world and make whatever she wants of it.

My consolation is the knowledge that she’s a beautiful, caring and intelligent girl – I’m thinking of taking some of the credit for that! Although things will change over the next few years as my influence over her diminishes, I think we’ll always have a close relationship and I’m looking forward to sharing her triumphs and challenges over the rest of her life.

Luv ya Meg xx